Friday, January 18, 2013

Antoni's Italian Cafe

I have heard of Antoni's before, I just never new exactly where it was. I knew it had been around awhile...17 years to be exact and I knew it was in the Oil Center, I just could never find the exact location. That ended last week when I was hunting down the new Acme Burger and struck gold!

Tucked away in the corner of the Oil Center Gardens Shopping Center off Coolidge is the little Italian restaurant known as Antoni's Italian Cafe. Lynda Cart is the owner and she is there to greet you with a smile at the door. She even knows the locals by's that kind of place which always makes me feel at home.

Lunch at Antoni's consists of the ladies who lunch crowd as well as surrounding oil center business types. The front has a nice little outside eating area for warmer months and a cozy side bar for those wanting a more intimate setting. Things get more romantic at night with the lights dimmed down and the servers dressing up a bit. This might be a place you want to add to your romantic dinner spots.

Antoni's is an Italian restaurant so the menu is your standard Italian fare. Pastas, calzones and pizza dominate the menu, but I was very excited to see low carb options adding it to my list of low carb spots in Lafayette. Calzones range in price from8-9 bucks and pizzas 11-22. One dish I saw on the menu that I want to try next time I go is the Basil chicken salad...everyone and I mean EVERYONE was ordering it around me! To go orders are always welcome.

I decided to get the tomato basil soup and the Napoli panini for my lunch. The soup was warm and tasty, a slice of bread is added to it giving it a chunkier more filling texture. I wish they had a grilled cheese and tomato soup option on the menu, because I think it would taste amazing together with the bread they use. (By the way, they make their bread fresh daily!) The Napoli was a pork loin panini with grilled onions and red peppers. I opted to add provolone cheese. It came with a very yummy pasta salad which I could have eaten a whole plate of. The pork was juicy, the onions and peppers weren't over powering and the bread was major YUM. It was fresh, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside...can I get some more please?

If your idea of Italian does not include unlimited soups, salads and breadsticks, you should definitely give Antoni's Italian Cafe a try.

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  1. You should try out Rusted Rooster on St. Landry. It's a delicious little breakfast and lunch spot serving up homemade biscuits and fresh sandwiches and burgers! 105 St. Landry across from Lafayette Consolidated Gov't.