Friday, March 8, 2013

Social a Southern Restaurant of Epic Proportions

Lafayette is a buzz with the newest restaurant to hit the scene, Social Southern Table and Bar. Think of it as a social eating experience. No phones, just you and your friends chatting away in the cozy tables eating great food and drinking amazing drinks. The restaurant has a southern speakeasy feel with the wooden fixtures and mason jar lights. The staff even wear plaid shirts and bow ties, adding to the ambiance.The restaurant is on the small side and one thing I didn't like was the people in the bar area were pretty much standing over us as we sat at our table. Luckily the food was so good I didn't notice them that much.

Food is meant to be shared and passed around and let me warn you that the shared sides are HUGE! For those of you who complain about price and portion size in Lafayette, these sides are for you. I wasn't feeling the entrees tonight, although I plan on going back and making my way through the menu. We opted to get a bunch of appetizers and a side of mac and cheese. Buck Bombs were the first to come out. The restaurant was very busy and I have to say the food came out quickly and was all hot and scrumptious.The buck bombs were deer meat wrapped in bacon, loving both, this dish was a no brainer for me. It was good and those on low carb diets will love this dish. The mac and cheese was crack! I am very picky about my mac and cheese and when I say this was good, this was GOOD! Some fell on the table and I am not ashamed to say I picked it up and wasted nothing. The boudin kolaches were good, the boudin was not the best I've ever had but the dough of the kolache made up for it. Pork Belly sliders was my favorite dish of the night! The bread with the hunk of pork belly just paired so nicely together. If they ever do brunch, they need to do this dish with egg and I will be there everyday to gobble it down. Tiramisu was one of the dessert specials tonight and let me tell you...that pastry Chef is a GODDESS!! I wanted to sit in a corner and gobble it down but had to remember I was a lady and in a restaurant.

I haven't even talked about the drinks, but that should not be left out. They have an extensive drink menu that includes everything from wine to moonshines. I had the blackberry lemonade, however the drink my date got, the Louisiana mule, was much tastier.(again, I plan on making my way through this menu too)

My overall impression was wow....ambiance, servers, drinks and food...all wow.

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