Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dax on Verot

One thing that Lafayette is seriously lacking is a good BBQ joint. All the chains seems to close and I am not quite sure why we don't have one, but come Sunday all the weekday plate lunch place have BBQ and you can be sure to leave with that BBQ craving satisfied.

On a recent adventure to a new restaurant on Verot School Road, I passed up "Dax on Verot", a plate lunch, boiled seafood place. I remember seeing it over the years next to a specialty meat place further down Verot, but this is their new location. It's not that easy to get to being on the section of Verot that merges into one lane so I can imagine the nightmare of getting there at lunch during the work week. I decided to try it out on a Sunday when there would be less traffic and I was on the hunt for BBQ plate lunch.

Dax is a small place, mostly a take it and go restaurant but there are a few seats inside and on the porch. Along with plate lunches and boiled seafood they have burgers, hot dogs and poboys. I've heard good things about their hamburgers so I'll have to go back and try that another day. Their BBQ options on Sundays are :brisket, BBQ boudin, pork steak, spare ribs or chicken. It comes with baked beans, potato salad, rice dressing and homemade bread. Think huge portions that two could probably split for around 10 bucks. That's not bad in my book.

I got the brisket with a link of the boudin. The beans were more BBQ flavored than baked which I appreciated. Sometimes baked beans can be all sugar so this was a nice surprise. Loved the potato salad, mainly because it didn't have relish or onions in it. The brisket was good and tender. I prefer mine to be a little more falling apart but it still hit the spot. The BBQ boudin was the star of the show for me...WOW Very meaty and little rice. I think this place might be my next boudin place.(and much closer that Scott to boot!) The rice in the rice dressing was undercooked. The bread was homemade and quite good too, wish it would have been a little bigger of a piece, but appreciated that it wasn't a roll from a bag that you get with most plate lunches.

Dax on verot is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of plate lunches(and really if you are from here, how can you not be a fan). You can find their menu online. Dax on Verot on Urbanspoon

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